Timothée Chalamet fans want the actor to star in an Edward Scissorhands reboot after seeing him perfectly portray the fictional son of the character in a new Edgar Scissorhands Cadillac commercial. In the ad, Winona Ryder reprises her role as Kim Boggs from the 1990 movie with Chalamet playing her son, Edgar, who looks and acts just like his scissor-handed father. The spot has left fans calling for Chalamet to take it further by starring in a new Edward Scissorhands movie, even if they didn't realize that they wanted it before seeing the commercial.

"Never knew I wanted a Edward Scissorhands reboot," tweets one fan along with an image of Chalamet as Edgar.

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"This is fantastic! If they want to reboot Edward Scissorhands with Timothée Chalamet, I won't be mad at it," tweets another fan in response to the Cadillac ad.

Another fan who's even changed her Twitter name and profile picture in honor of Edgar Scissorhands writes, "How about a reboot of Edward Scissorhands and cast Timothée Chalamet as Edgar Scissorhands and make him go on fun adventures where he learns how to endure his father's magical skills?"

"A millennial Edward Scissorhands reboot with @RealChalamet is so perfect and I can't believe I had never even thought about the potential before now," another tweet reads.

Not everyone is on board to see an entire new movie come out of the Cadillac commercial, but some of these fans would still love to see more of Chalamet in the role. One tweet suggests, "To be clear: I don't want an Edward Scissorhands reboot. But I do want to see a series of vignettes of Timothy Chalamet's Edward in a 2021 world."

Released in 1990, Edward Scissorhands was directed by Tim Burton using a screenplay by Caroline Thompson. It stars Winona Ryder as a teenage girl who ends up falling for an artificially-created man with scissors for hands named Edward Scissorhands, played by Johnny Depp. The movie was a big hit critically and at the box office, having since become one of Burton's most popular works. As Edward Scissorhands is such a beloved movie, the very idea of a reboot would have likely offended most fans before actually seeing the potential with Chalamet playing a new version of the character.

In the Cadillac commercial, Ryder reprises her role from the original movie, portraying an older version of Kim Boggs. It is revealed in the ad that Kim and Edward had actually had a son named Edgar as portrayed by Chalamet. After showcasing the daily troubles Edgar faces as a result of his scissor hands, Kim gifts her son with a Cadillac Lyriq, an electric car with hands-free driving features. The spot premiered during Super Bowl LV.

Despite the fan interest, it doesn't seem likely that an Edward Scissorhands reboot or remake will be happening anytime soon. Still, the Cadillac commercial is highly entertaining, and if a new movie were to happen, there's be no one better than the Chalamet to take on the role. Until then, you can next catch him in Dune when that movie premieres on Oct. 1. If you missed it during the Big Game, the Lyriq ad is also hosted by Cadillac on YouTube.