Chronicle has started to gain critical favor amongst the movie blogging masses, some of which have called it a modern classic in the found-footage genre. Directed by Josh Trank, we have eight Hi-Res photos from this riff on Zapped!, which finds three teens learning to cope with the power of telekinesis. Check them out below, Kyle!

<strong><em>Chronicle</em></strong> Photo #1

<strong><em>Chronicle</em></strong> Photo #2

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<strong><em>Chronicle</em></strong> Photo #3

<strong><em>Chronicle</em></strong> Photo #4

<strong><em>Chronicle</em></strong> Photo #5

<strong><em>Chronicle</em></strong> Photo #6

<strong><em>Chronicle</em></strong> Photo #7

<strong><em>Chronicle</em></strong> Photo #8

B. Alan Orange