Netflix surprised everyone with the release of the second El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie trailer during the Emmys this evening. Aaron Paul's Jesse Pinkman is back and on the run in the new look at the highly anticipated movie. The streaming platform is preparing for the movie to hit select theaters on October 11th, while simultaneously streaming it for viewers who can't make it out to theaters. Breaking Bad fans have been waiting a long time to see what happened to Jesse Pinkman after the final episode of the iconic series. Thankfully, the wait is almost over.

Aaron Paul is seen as Jesse Pinkman in the El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie for the first time since the 2013 series finale. The movie appears to take place directly after Jesse broke free from the Nazi compound, which is what the trailer focuses on. Jesse is sitting in the El Camino that he escaped in, out in the middle of nowhere. He's listening to a news report about the incident and looks like he's seen better days.

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The trailer for El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie ends with the news reporter talking about a "person of interest" who fled the scene. The latest look at the movie shows that Vince Gilligan is not going back and giving a refresher course about the hit AMC series. Gilligan admitted in a recent interview that the idea of a refresher was thought about, but he couldn't figure out a way to make it work. So, if you haven't seen Breaking Bad, the movie might not standalone all that well, which means it's time to cram the whole series in some marathon binge sessions.

Breaking Bad fans first learned about a possible movie back in November of last year when crews were spotted in New Mexico. Famous areas from the series were now being used again, but Vince Gilligan kept his mouth shut, as did Aaron Paul, who even took a social media break during the production. Bryan Cranston was asked about the project many times, but never really admitted that it was officially happening, though he said he would love to be a part of it somehow.

It's not clear if El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie will feature the infamous Walter White. While the character obviously died at the end of the series, fans are hoping he'll return in flashback form. The cast and crew of Breaking Bad became a close family while the show was being made, which Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul have talked about numerous times over the years, so it would be nice to see the family reunite, even if it's for a small flashback cameo. While we wait to find out, you can check out the latest El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie trailer, thanks to the Netflix.