Aaron Paul still can't say much about El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie. However, being able to confirm it's actually happening is a giant step forward. Netflix surprise released the teaser trailer for the movie yesterday and the internet blew up with questions.

A lot of people didn't even know a Breaking Bad movie was happening and were caught off guard by the first El Camino teaser in the best possible way. Are we going to see any more returning characters besides Skinny Pete and Jesse Pinkman? "All I can say, I think people will be really happy with what they see," stated Paul.

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El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie is going to give fans some closure on Jesse Pinkman's story. The cast and crew of the hit AMC series became a family after spending so much time together and it was hard when it all came to a close. "It was a hard, emotional thing for all of us," Paul said of his core cast of co-stars. "And when the finale happened, we all got together and hugged it out and said I love you. And that was it." Aaron Paul was under the assumption that really was it, but he was wrong.

Two years ago, Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan hit up Aaron Paul about working together again. At first, Paul thought it might have something to do with the tenth anniversary of the series. He soon learned that it was something else altogether and he was in right from the start. He had this to say about signing on and his reaction to the story.

"At the very end of the conversation, he mentioned that he had an idea of where to take it from here, and he wanted to hear my thoughts on it. I quickly told Vince that I would follow him into a fire... I couldn't speak for a good 30, 60 seconds. I was just lost in my thoughts. As the guy who played the guy, I was so happy that Vince wanted to take me on this journey."

People didn't really catch wind of the Breaking Bad movie until the production had come to a close. "The movie had already happened and was in the can. It was done," says Aaron Paul when asked about the secretive movie and fans hitting him up. To keep everything quiet, Paul would say he was working on a "small little indie out in New Mexico." Paul went on to say, "I definitely had people asking, 'Are you doing Better Call Saul?' And I'd go, 'Hey, man, I wish I was. But they're on hiatus right now.'"

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie is a real thing and it is premiering on Netflix October 11th. So not only did a lot of fans not know it was happening, now they have a brand-new installment to look forward to, which premieres really soon. Aaron Paul and Vince Gilligan might have taken a page from Marvel Studios to keep everything a secret for this long. The interview with Paul was originally conducted by The New York Times.

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