Vince Gilligan and crew take us behind-the-scenes to show us exactly how El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie was made. The world now finally knows how Jesse Pinkman's story ends. After months of intense secrecy, Netflix let the cat out of the bag and revealed that the Breaking Bad movie was real back in August and then announced that fans would learn about Pinkman's fate in October. Getting to head back into the world of one of the biggest TV shows in history is not something that happens every day and the fans took notice.

Aaron Paul was asked by Vince Gilligan about a possible return to the Breaking Bad universe a few years ago. At the time, Gilligan wasn't sure how he wanted to tell the story, first noting that it could have been a short film. Paul agreed right away and the short idea quickly morphed into a two-hour feature-length. El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie's making-of video finds some of the other returning actors sharing their stories of getting the call.

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The late Robert Forster is included in the making-of El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie video and says he was in right from the start. Forster was asked to take part in the movie and simply said, "excellent." He appeared as Ed "The Dissappearer" Galbraith once again and passed away a few days after the movie debuted. Jonathan Banks, who plays fan-favorite Mike Ehrmantraut in the Breaking Bad universe jokes that he is "indentured" to Vince Gilligan and says he had no choice to return. Though Mike's part is brief, it looks like he and Aaron Paul had a great time on the set.

The fact that Vince Gilligan and crew were able to keep El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie a secret for as long as they did, is pretty astounding. The Bryan Cranston cameo was taken care of with private planes and bags over his head, which is the same for Aaron Paul. When it came time to read the script, Gilligan reveals that the cast had to come to him to read the one copy that they kept in a vault. These security measures are what helped to make the movie a nice surprise for fans.

While hardcore Breaking Bad fans knew El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie was on the way courtesy of Netflix, they didn't know it was going to drop as soon as it did. From the announcement to the premiere was a little over a month of waiting, and now it seems like it's already been years since it was released, when it hasn't even been a month. Vince Gilligan and his team, which is also the same team that works on Better Call Saul runs like a well-oiled machine and one would hope that they tackle something else down the line, even if it has nothing to do with Breaking Bad. The making-of El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie video comes to us from the Netflix YouTube channel.