During the course of The Amazing Spider-Man 2's production, we have seen Jamie Foxx both as Max Dillon and the blue-skinned villain Electro. The actor recently shed some light on his dual role in a recent interview, where he revealed that he thinks fans will feel sorry for Max, before he turns into one of Peter Parker's most dangerous foes.

"I think with all of the Spider-Man villains there is a certain empathy to them. The way we crafted Electro, when he's Max you definitely feel for him because he's been sort of shut out and no one really cares about him. And it's his birthday and even his mom forgot his birthday, so you will feel that. So when he does turn into Electro it's serious venom, he really wants to hurt everybody, and when he feels like Spider-Man betrays him he really wants to hurt him bad."

It still isn't clear how Spider-Man (Andrew Garfield) betrays Max, but the actor revealed in December that Spider-Man makes Max his "ears and eyes on the street," causing Max to believe that he is the webbed wonder's partner. We'll have to wait and see how this "partnership" is tested as we near closer to the May 2, 2014 release.

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