Elektra Spin-Off:Ain't It Cool News ran an article yesterday claiming that they had the word on what the Daredevil spin-off, based around the Elektra character, would be about. Well, it seems IGN Filmforce made a few calls and got the real scoop:

IGN FilmForce checked with Elektra producer Gary Foster who issued an "absolute" denial of the AICN report. "We have not fully formed the story yet. I have no idea where this comes from," Foster advised us.

Thanks to 'Stax'

X-2:Superhero Hype has gotten their hands on some very slick looking character one sheets from the UK! CLICK HERE

Ghost Rider:Harlow FX claims to have a shot of the make-up effects on Nicholas Cage to be used in 2004's Ghost Rider. You make the call...Movie Picture

Wonderland: Val Kilmer took home a Maverick Spirit Award last week, and VKN was there to interview him. Kilmer spilled the beans on some of what to expect from his upcoming film where portrays legendary porn star, John Holmes:

"There were three scenes: John Holmes (Kilmer) talking to the police about turning states evidence. Second scene: Holmes and Dawn Schiller (Kate Bosworth) open a duffle and find a stash of cocaine. Holmes and Schiller proceed to help themselves to the stash and things quickly get heated between the two (in the bathroom no less) until they are discovered by Sally (played by Carrie Fisher), who throws them out of the house. Third scene: a distraught and nervous Homles meets with his wife Sharon (Lisa Kudrow). He tells her he wants her to go into the witness protection program with him and Dawn. She refuses, telling him that she doesn't want anything to do with him. Holmes starts to fall apart. "Don't you dare cry," she barks at him. "It doesn't work anymore".

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Beetlejuice 2: UK mag Hot Dog recently scored some news on the long awaited sequel to Tim Burton's Beetlejuice:

"Word has [Michael] Keaton has convinced Warner Bros. to make another Beetlejuice movie. Keaton would again play 'The Ghost with the Most' only this time he'll be joined by a fellow ghoul. Early indications suggest Chris Tucker might be appropriate for the part. Just one problem...Keaton can't find anyone to direct the movie. Not even the original director, Tim Burton, wants a slice of this pie".

Buffy: The Movie: Wait. Wasn't it already a movie? Anthony Head gave an interview to icLiverpool this week where he discussed the possibility of making a Buffy movie. CLICK HERE

Michael Moore: The man behind the ingeniousBowling For Columbine documentary is in talks with HBO to develop a series, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The project is only in the early talking stages, but it would include some of the satirical and socially conscious material the liberal-leaning filmmaker tackled in his earlier TV newsmagazine-style series The Awful Truth and TV Nation.

Spy Kids 3D: Marilyn Beck and Stacy Jenel Smith recently spoke with Dimension head, Bob Weinstein, about making Spy Kids 3D:

"The logistics are daunting," says Weinstein. "It's going to be the first time this generation of kids has seen a 3-D movie."

Spy Kids 3D will hit 3000 theaters across the US in 3D!

Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle: Crispin Glover talked to EW this week about Willard which hits theaters today, but happened to talk a little bit about his role in the Charlie's Angels sequel:

''Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle.'' Are you ever going to speak?

{@@@[email protected]@@}{@@@[email protected]@@}No. When they first asked me to come in for the role, I didn't want to, because the dialogue for the character struck me as being a lot of exposition and I didn't like it. But they said they really wanted to hear my ideas, so I thought it would be better if I was just a fighting antagonist to these women and didn't say anything. And McG, who's a very enthusiastic fellow, said, ''Yes, that's exactly what we want to do.''

For the entire interview, CLICK HERE

Shall We Dance?: According to Variety, Jennifer Lopez is in negotiations to star with Richard Gere in Miramax Films’ remake of 1996 Japanese megahit Shall We Dance? which Peter Chelsom will direct.

Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines: Even though early reports this week came in stating that musical genius Danny Elfman was in the process of scoring T3, according to the official fan site of Marco Beltrami, the man behind the Blade II score, is still creating the music for the film.

The Matrix Reloaded: A reader over at AICN submitted a report from a TV show recently run in Blighty, where Joel Silver talked about the upcoming Matrix films:

Keanu (who is looking particularly trim) tells us that Neo has lost the awe of the first film, and has now realized his dominion over the artificial world. Mr. Fishburne, in between particularly raucous bouts of laughter, told us that "the student has now overtaken the master", and that Morpheus is now not a teacher, but a general. Jada Pinkett-Smith said some particularly uninteresting and unenlightening things about her relationship with Morpheus and how they "come together". Everyone commented on the physicality of the shoot, and how many knocks they took.

But perhaps the most interesting was what Joel Silver had to say. He went out of his way to state that this movie will surpass all the hype, all the expectations. He even went so far, after spouting a lot of superlatives, as to say that "after this, movies will never be made the same way again", and in an amusing and probably unintentional allusion to the first film, that "The bar has been raised so high that... there is no bar".

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