Dimension Films has acquired rights to Stephen King's latest novel Cell and has set Hostel helmer Eli Roth to direct it, says Variety.

King's novel is a throwback to his early apocalyptic horror novels. In a single moment, a pulse sent out through cell phones around the world turns every phone user into a crazed, murderous zombie.

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Mike Fleiss and Chris Briggs, who with Roth produced Hostel and are readying the sequel, will produce Cell.

"The combination of technology and horror is fun high-concept," Weinstein said. "And Eli will make it right after he finishes "Hostel 2". "

Roth wants to write the pic or co-write it, depending on the time constraints created by his horror sequel, which shoots in Prague. Roth said King is his favorite writer and accepted right after reading the book.

"I couldn't put it down. It was such a balls-out horror movie with a smart take on the zombie genre," Roth said.