MTV caught up with writer/director Eli Roth at the DVD launch party for Hostel. Roth provided some insight on the upcoming sequel to the horror film.

Roth will start writing the story this week and will isolate himself from the outside world as he did when writing the first screenplay.

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"I've got to write it," he said. "I've been doing a world tour with 'Hostel,' doing press. It has been opening in every other country, and I have been making notes. But [this week] I am really going to unplug my phone, shut off my e-mail, and write the script. And we are going to shoot it this summer."

As of now, leading man Jay Hernandez is the only actor set to return for the sequel.

"I think there is going to be definitely more of a revenge element involved, but aside from that, I'm as excited and curious as anybody else about what the story is going to be," Hernandez said.

Roth says that the sequel's storyline will start immediately after the final scene of the first film, although he hasn't worked out what happens for the rest of the film.

"I want to pick up and continue in the story exactly where the last one left off," the director said. "Other than 'Porky's II: The Next Day,' you don't really see that many movies where they pick up at the moment where the last one stopped. I really want it to feel like a part one and a part two more than a sequel."

"I think that the trauma that he has experienced will definitely affect him in a negative way," Hernandez said of his character, Paxton, last seen exacting bloody revenge despite being a few fingers short of a hand.

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