Bloody-Discusting was emailed by director Eli Roth, who is currently in Prague shooting Hostel: Part II, the sequel to his smash hit horror film:

"I can't say much, but we filmed a scene the other night and Mike McCarty from KNB (K.N.B. Effects Group) said that all his life people have asked him if he's ever been disturbed filming a scene, and until now he's said no. When the KNB guys can't watch, you know you're on the right track. I'm so happy with how the film's coming along and I can't wait for the fans to see it. It's going to be horrifying. I was a little concerned about topping the first one in terms of violence, but after what we've shot this week that's not even an issue.

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The film stars Jay Hernandez, Lauren German, Heather Matarazzo, Bijou Phillips, Vera Jordanova, Roger Bart, Richard Burgi, Milan Knazko and Stanislav Ianevski.