MovieHole recently caught up with director Eli Roth (Cabin Fever) to talk about his upcoming projects...

On the Baywatch movie...

"I am Co-Producer of the "Baywatch" movie. And as Co-Producer it is my job to turn that whisper into a rumble, so that it is heard from coast to coast, over seas, to the polar ice caps. I am the Co-Producer of the "Baywatch" movie. I say it over and over and still honestly can't believe it some times. And then I have to remind myself, and every girl I meet, that yes, I am, in fact, the Co-Producer of the "Baywatch" movie.

Now you may be asking yourself two questions:

1) How in the hell did you wind up as Co-Producer of the "Baywatch" movie?

2) What in the hell does a Co-Producer of the "Baywatch" movie do?

Well, I'll tell you.

1) I'm not telling, that's my secret, and if I let it out then there will be a lot more co-producers out there, which is the last thing I need.

2) Producers are there to help guide the project creatively and give the director the tools he needs in order to carry out his vision, which should be in tune creatively with yours. They are there to facilitate the production and surround the director with the talent and tools to make the best film possible. They also are there to be responsible to the studio, whose money they will be spending. (In this case, Dreamworks.) This is where I differ from the other Producers. While they will be trying to make the most fiscally responsible film possible, I will be subtly trying to drag the production out for as LONG AS POSSIBLE. I told them that I could make this film in 600 days. If it takes me 7 years on the beach Hawaii with supermodels to get this film right, I will do it. I am THAT committed to the project.

Actually, the other producers are great, and have tons of great ideas to make a really fun movie. In fact, we want to shoot the whole movie in 3-D, but we'll have to see if Dreamworks is on board with that. One of the producers, Michelle Berk, is partners in a 3-D company and the idea is to do a simultaneous release called "Baywatch 3-DD." So that's what we're fighting for. At this point Dreamworks is fast tracking the project to get a writer on board, and then we'll see if I can push my Scott Baio/Olsen Twins agenda through. Either way, no matter what happens, even if I go to prison one day, I will be still be able to tell people that I am the Co-Producer of the "Baywatch" movie."

The big question though, is will Pammy Anderson be in it? "Pammy and the Gals will most likely do cameos in the movie, but for the main cast they want to go with a whole new crop of hotties. I know the other producers spoke to Pamela about it, and she said she'd love to do a cameo. The shoot's a long way away so anything can happen, but for me, it just wouldn't be Baywatch without her"

On Cabin Fever 2...

"We are getting in the draft next week from Randy Pearlstein, who I co-wrote the first one with. He's got such a good idea for the sequel, and I can't wait to read it. Lion's Gate is rearin' to go, so hopefully once the draft comes in we'll start preproduction. I know I was the face of "Cabin Fever," but Randy really helped "flesh out" the characters before I killed them off in horrible ways", explains Mr Olsen, ah, Roth.

Thanks to 'Clint'