In a story from Variety, Eli Roth recently discussed his new exorcism film Cotton. He also talked about a science-fiction screenplay he is doing titled Endangered Species.

The director was talking at Mexico's Morelia Film Festival. He hopes to show Cotton to Sundance in the next two weeks. The plan is for it to debut at the festival in January.

After that, he wants to finish Endangered Species and he's also writing a script for Thanksgiving. The trailer for this movie was shown in Quentin Tarantino's portion of Grindhouse. Roth wants to shoot both films at the same time.

Regarding Endangered Species, Roth said:

"I haven't been this excited about an idea since the first Hostel."

He also talked about showing the scrip to Tarantino for advice.

"Quentin is the greatest story editor you could have, and I trust him implicitly," he stated.

Roth also discussed the third Hostel movie, a project that he has no involvement in.

"I'll be as surprised by it as everyone else," Roth offered.