The movie isn't even theaters yet but that doesn't mean Hostel: Part II Director Eli Roth isn't thinking about the home video release.

In an interview from Bloody Disgusting, Roth recently discussed some extras that could see the light of day on the Hostel: Part II DVD. Here's what Eli Roth had to say:

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"Yeah I was actually editing some deleted scenes and other stuff for the DVD today. It's really just stuff I cut for time. The goal was to make a better, scarier movie. I could easily make a more violent movie, you can show body parts being chopped up and there: It's a more violent movie. [But] I really wanted people to come out of the movie and say: 'That was better than the first movie and it was scarier.' And yeah it's got the violence that you expect from Hostel - it's gruesome, and it's gnarly, but I just wanted to make a better, smarter, scarier, film."

Hostel: Part II hacks up screens June 8 from Lionsgate.