Director Eli Roth's upcoming thriller The Green Inferno, his first directorial outing since 2007's Hostel: Part II, has a sequel already in development entitled Beyond The Green Inferno through Worldview Entertainment.

Nicolás López, who directed Eli Roth in Aftershock, has come aboard to direct the sequel. The Green Inferno, which made its debut at the Toronto International Film Festival this weekend, follows a group of students who travel to the Amazon jungle to visit a dying tribe. However, when their plane crashes, they are taken hostage by the very same group of natives they came to visit.

Eli Roth co-wrote the sequel script with Nicolás López and Guillermo Amoedo. The writers will also produce alongside Miguel Asensio, Molly Conners and Maria Cestone. Here's what Nicolás López had to say about the project.

"After writing and scouting all over Peru we realized that that The Green Inferno had an expansive universe and that we would love to visit it again and go deeper into the jungle. Our plan with Beyond the Green Inferno is to make a sequel in the tradition of Aliens, where the creative team went bigger, darker and scarier into the unknown. Eli has been an amazing creative collaborator and has set the groundwork for an entire universe of stories we're both incredibly excited to tell."

No production schedule was given for the sequel.