Not a lot is known about Defendor, an independent superhero film starring Woody Harrelson as an average-guy who thinks he has a secret identity, but that is changing as more and more of the film becomes known. Elias Koteas plays a detective gone bad in the film, and he spoke to SCI FI Wire about the film while promoting The Haunting in Connecticut.

"He went in to infiltrate this group, this gang, and in the meantime the lines were fuzzy, so somehow he lost his family, he gets addicted to crack, and he becomes something like a part-time pimp for this organization," Koteas said about his character. "He's going to get indicted. So it sounds grim, but at the same time it's very funny. It's a great script and a first-time director. Woody Harrelson was great. Kat Dennings was great. So it could be good. It was a great experience, actually."

Defendor was written and directed by Peter Stebbings, and in addition to Harrelson and Koteas, also stars Sandra Oh and Kat Dennings. Oh plays Harrelson's psychiatrist, while Dennings appears as a crack-addicted prostitute who befriends the Defendor.

Koteas also spoke a bit about the films plot and Harrelson's titular superhero. "Woody plays this guy who, most of the time, is this meek individual," Koteas said. "And he takes it upon himself to be this Defendor. He doesn't have real powers. He has marbles that he throws at you. He has a club. He has bees in a bottle that he sics on you. You don't know if you should laugh or be pissed off or run or what. As a character opposite that, you don't know 'Who is this guy, and what the hell does he want?' The story is really quite beautiful."