Eliza Coupe (Scrubs, Samantha Who?) has just signed for one of the lead roles in ABC's new superhero comedy No Heroics. The Hollywood Reporter says that the blonde actress will take on the role of a bad girl who can turn invisible.

The British version of the show is about a group of superheroes, including The Hotness, Electoclash, Timebomb and She-Force who hang out in a bar, and bemoan the fact that they're not as successful as Excelsor. ABC is describing the American version of the show as revolving around four B-list superheroes living among us.

It's worth noting that of the four heroes who starred in the UK version of the show, there wasn't a female character with invisibility powers. It therefore seems likely that the American version of No Heroics may not carry the four heroes from the British series with it, but will instead follow a different group of heroes with their own issues. If this is the case, there may even be a cross-over episode where the superheroes from both countries meet.

The American version of No Heroics was written by Will & Grace alumni Jeff Greenstein and original show creator Drew Pearce.