Eliza Dushku has just made a deal with 20th Century Fox to star in an upcoming, undetermined series. According to Variety, she recently starred in the Fox pilot Nurses, which was also produced by 20th Century Fox Television.

20th Century Fox TV president Dana Walden stated, "Clearly we've had a very long-term relationship with her. We wanted to be in a more significant business relationship now. She's such an interesting, smart, soulful person and that all comes through on the screen."

Dushku is currently being introduced to some of 20th Century Fox's top television writers. Walden continued by saying, "You have to have a tremendous amount of passion for a person you make a deal like this with. You're not just sending them a script and asking them if you like a role. You're bringing them into the development process and integrating them into the fiber of the company."