Oldboy arrived in theaters this Holiday weekend, bringing one of Elizabeth Olsen's best performances to the big screen. The in-demand actress has quite a 2014 lined-up, and while doing press for her Spike Lee directed remake, she teased two of her bigger projects, Avengers: Age of Ultron and Godzilla.

As production heats up on Avengers 2, Olsen hasn't been shy about sharing character details. She had /scarlet-witch-is-a-messed-up-lady-in-avengers-age-of-ultron/previously called Scarlet Witch a 'messed up lady'. She now continues that thought, sharing more with AICN.

"I never read these comics before, not Scarlet Witch. She's nuts, she's crazy. She has more things wrong with her than any character I've ever played. She can tell you where an object has been, she can tell you what your future is, she can connect with the dead and people from other universes, and she's the only person in this universe who's capable of doing that. She's unbelievable; it's so cool. I grew up loving Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings, and anything that has this other type of world or universe to it is so fun."

While the actress does know what her costume will look like (sort of), she is not sharing that with the world just yet.

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"I do have a sense. But I have logic and mind enough not to share it. [Laughs] I know what the costume is going to be more or less like. I'm just excited that she's never been portrayed in film or on television before."

Switching gears, Elizabeth Olsen then opened up about one of 2014's most anticipated summer movies, Godzilla.

"It's Aaron Taylor-Johnson's film, but the ensemble, we all are somehow connected to Aaron's character. He's the root, and I play his wife and I'm the person who holds down the San Francisco prospective of it all. I'm a nurse and I work trying take care of this chaos. Godzilla is just so deserving of a good American remake, and I really hope we did it and I really feel like we did."

Will she run down the street screaming, pointing at the sky, as seen in the iconic Japanese version?

"I do that once."

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B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange