The Matrix Reloaded: David Ellis who helped organize the freeway chase in the upcoming Matrix sequel, The Matrix Reloaded, recently talked to Sci-Fi Wire about the scene, partially previewed in this years Super Bowl ad:

"We would do the car chase, and then when Agent Smith is jumping from car to car, we would [first] actually implode the car," Ellis said in an interview. The filmmaker would then shoot Weaving jumping against a green-screen background. A computer would then composite the two shots together, making it seem as if Weaving were jumping onto the actual vehicle.

"That is how the front of the car crumples when Smith lands on it," Ellis said. The effects team would also catapult cars over the freeway, to make them seem as if they were being propelled by the impact of Agent Smith. "When he'd hit a car, we'd flip it over with a cannon, and then we would [composite] him in with that," Ellis said.

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The Core: According to Ain't It Cool and the BBC, Paramount plans to pull the current trailers for The Core do to this weekend's shuttle disaster. No word on if the release date will change or not, but, as AICN states, don't expect to see anymore trailers involving a shuttle any time soon. Check out the old trailer by looking at The Core's MOVIE VAULT page. CLICK HERE

Crusade: According to a scooper over at TheArnoldFans, rumors are abound today about the reteaming of Arnold Schwarzenegger and James Cameron on a new epic project called Crusade. Here's what the scooper had to say:

"I was chatting with a Fox spy that I have that is fairly close to Cameron's part of the woods and I found out something very interesting that I have been predicting all along. This is what I was told by "Fox Fire":{@@@[email protected]@@}{@@@[email protected]@@}"Arnold and James Cameron have made a handshake deal to do "CRUSADE" together in the future. Arnold brought the script to Jim a while ago and both have agreed to develop this film even more and will eventually team up to shoot it. Mr. Cameron will direct, produce and rewrite some of it with Schwarzenegger producing and starring." I asked "Fox Fire" about TRUE LIES 2 and he continued with "Arnold brought Crusade to Mr. Cameron after he found out TL2 was never going to happen." This news is GREAT to me and should be to EVERYONE!!! I wonder how Verhoeven feels! I hope this film happens after "T3" and "KING CONAN!" Break out the stogies!

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Exorcist: The Beginning: Fan site, Captain Howdy, have posted a fan based interview with publicity manager at Morgan Creek, who is producing the film. Here's some of what the company had to say about the production of he film:

Our current, basic understanding of the plot for Exorcist: The Beginning is:{@@@[email protected]@@}{@@@[email protected]@@}It is a prequel to The Exorcist, set just after World War II, during Father Merrin's missionary work in Africa, when he meets the demon Pazuzu for the first time (as mentioned in the first film and it's poor sequels). Without giving too much away - is this basic plot outline correct?

{@@@[email protected]@@}{@@@[email protected]@@}Yes - this is the basic plotline, however he has lost the name 'Pazuzu' in our script. Just the Devil Himself.

{@@@[email protected]@@}{@@@[email protected]@@}

Approximately what year does Exorcist: The Beginning take place in, and how old is Father Merrin?
{@@@[email protected]@@}{@@@[email protected]@@}Most of the action is set in 1947 in the Turkana region of Kenya. There's also a significant flashback to an even earlier period: 1944 in Holland{@@@[email protected]@@}{@@@[email protected]@@}
This project has already had numerous names... Exorcist: Dominion, Exorcist 4:1, etc. Is Exorcist: The Beginning the definite final name for the film?
{@@@[email protected]@@}{@@@[email protected]@@}EXORCIST: THE BEGINNING is the definite final name for the film.

For the entire interview, CLICK HERE

Haunted Mansion: Marsha Thomason, who plays Eddie Murphy's wife in the upcoming Disney supernatural, explained to Sci-Fi Wire how the ride and the film differ from each other:

"We've got the singing heads," Thomason said in an interview. "We've got the whole mausoleum. We've got Madame Leota. Jennifer Tilly is playing Madame Leota. There's a whole lot of the Disney ride in the movie." Murphy plays a workaholic who travels with his family to a haunted house for a job interview. The ghosts he meets teach him about the importance of family. "It's fab," Thomason said. "We're having such a good time. It's so much fun. [Murphy's] kids have been on the set, and his wife."

Bad Boys 2: Gabrielle Union talked about her upcoming role in the Will Smith / Martin Lawrence action sequel, Bad Boys 2, to the Chicago Sun Times recently. Here's what she had to say:

"Well, you know, if I did say something about the movie although I'm not supposed to tell you, I might let it leak that Will and Martin remained partners all these years," Union says. "We pick it up with Martin who is growing a little weary of Will's 'shoot first, ask questions later' routine. Martin is the one who is sort of reexamining his priorities and maybe wants a safer job." Not that she wants to say anything else, but Union does let it slip that a bad guy arrives on the scene. "There's this Cuban drug lord who is bringing all this Ecstasy into town and Will and Martin must crack the ring. Hypothetically speaking, I might just be an undercover DEA agent who happens to infiltrate the ring and fall in love with Will."

The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen: The cast of the upcoming comic book adaptation talked with a few publication that have been released over the past few weeks. IGN Filmforce has the details as well as snippets from the interviews. CLICK HERE

In addition, here's what Shane West told Wizbang about the project's differences between the cinematic version of the story compared to the comic book:

"The script is really very different, but it's great. The characters are the same, and the graphic novel gives you a good point of reference. [Its] a shame we could not shoot the film as written [in the comics]. But if we did, I don't think we would make any money at all. But it would be a cool movie. Part of me would like to see the comic book as a movie - a literal version of it. I'm sure many people would, and yet in this climate and time, you have to find some middle ground". He also revealed a bit about how his character of Tom Sawyer will fit into the action: "Mina Harker (Peta Wilson), Dorian Gray (Stuart Townsend) and I have this romantic triangle going on. You don't know which guy is going to end up with her or if anyone's going to in the end. Or even should...I think [Norrington's] intending to do an untraditional vampire. [Mina's disease] kind of takes her over when she actually goes into the vampire [state]. It's furious. Really animal. I mean, it's PG-13, but it's really furious. So Steve's doing many different things to create that. There are all kinds of visual effects. I also have this amazing costume, which has all these wires coming out of it, with these long tendrils of black silk. When the Cirque du Soleil performer or I move in it, there's this flurry effect. It looks like a bat".

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As Nature Made Him: Rumors have been abound about what Peter Jackson's next film will be after he completes post-production on Lord Of The Rings: Return Of The King. According to Retuers, Jackson will helming a low budget feature about a doctor who starts to raise an eight-month-old boy as girl to test his theories on gender. Thanks to DH for the scoop.

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