Elvira is back and she's trying to save the spookiest holiday of them all. The horror icon has released a new music video titled "Don't Cancel Halloween." With the public health crisis still raging on, it's beginning to look like this Halloween will be unlike any we've had in recent memory. No costume parties, no trick-or-treating, and no haunted houses this year for the majority of the public. However, Elvira is campaigning to save Halloween 2020 to the tune of Madonna's hit song "Holiday," and it looks like she already has a lot of people on her side.

Elvira, aka Cassandra Peterson, sings, "I'm the Queen of Halloween / COVID-19 ruined everything / If they cancel Halloween 'cause we're still in quarantine, it would make me so mad / It would suck, it would suck so bad." The video is perfectly Elvira and it looks like Peterson hasn't aged a day since debuting the character nearly 40 years ago. "Imagine if you will, no costumes, candy or celebration / 'Cause everybody's still in self-isolation," the song continues.

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While Halloween is Elvira's night, she ends her video by pleading with her fans to stay home and stay safe. Even the Mistress of the Dark knows to stay away from the public health crisis. The music video was posted earlier this week and has since been watched over 11,000 times, though that number is sure to go up in the coming days. The comments section is full of horror fans thanking Elvira for the much needed joy during this Halloween season, while others are commenting on how Cassandra Peterson doesn't seem to age. Back in April, Elvira parodied Netflix's Tiger King, which had fans saying the same thing.

While Halloween 2020 will be different from previous years, there are still some fun things to do without even having to leave the house. There are virtual costume contests, special concerts, and one can always sit back and watch some of their favorite horror movies. For those who will be leaving the house, candy will be scarce, though some have gotten clever with a pulley delivery system that brings candy to visitors as they stand on the sidewalk. Socially distant trick-or-treating will be happening in certain areas, so some kids will end up getting a hint of some kind of Halloween normalcy.

As for what's next for Cassandra Peterson, it looks like a Mistress of the Dark sequel or series could be in the making. When asked about a possible sequel last year, Peterson said, "I'm giving this some serious thought. A LOT of people ask this question, so I'm thinking one more... we'll see!" The possibilities are endless for Elvira at the moment, as she is just as popular now as she was back in the 1980s. While we wait to hear more news about a possible Mistress of the Dark sequel, you can check out the campaign to save Halloween above, thanks to the official Elvira, Mistress of the Dark YouTube channel.