Funko has gotten into the breakfast game with their tasty line of Funkos cereal that comes in several flavors, all with an exciting Pop toy hidden at the bottom. Yes, it's edible. Yes, it's delicious. And yes, Elvira has her own flavor. Now, the Mistress of the Dark has returned to sell her delicious Hot Topic Funkos in a new commercial that you might only ever see on Saturday morning.

Elvira has had a big presence this Halloween, though it may be a little more subtle than her horror counterparts. We haven't really seen her on the big or small screen much in recent years, so watching her hock breakfast cereal with her trademark snark firmly in place is a lot of fun. Selling them on her Twitter, the late night horror hostess offers this.

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"#SaturdayMorning #weekendvibes New #ElviraFunkos cereal is out now in @HotTopic stores! Includes an @OriginalFunko Elvira mini pop in every box!"

Elvira is a timeless beauty, which makes you wonder what exactly is in this cereal. Also, it's the color of shadows, and it taste like true darkness. These black little holes of true doom are only being sold at Hot Topic as an exclusive, so you better get to the mall and get while the getting is good. We can't imagine they'll be restocking this limited edition collectible for long.

Elvira isn't the only horror icon to get their own Funkos cereal. The line kicked off with true heavyweights in the genre. Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees each got their own Funko Pop cereal, which you could only pick up at FYE. And next came cereals for Pennywise, which was another Hot Topic exclusive, and Beetlejuice, which you could pick up if you were lucky enough to live near a Box Lunch Gifts.

Now comes Elvira with her own box of Mistress of the Dark multigrain Ohs. This cereal is fully licensed by Elvira, and as you can see in the video, gets her full support. She goes onto say this about the cereal that packs a lot of bite.

"This Elvira, Mistress of the Dark box of FunkO's comes with an Elvira Pocket Pop!, and the black, multigrain cereal is bound to wow you at breakfast time. That's if you decide to eat it and not keep it intact with your Funko collection! Grab a box today and make your Saturday mornings fun again. Unpleasant eats!"

If you're too embarrassed to step inside a Hot Topic, there's no need to worry. If you can't convince your 13 year old niece to raid the shelves, you can do it yourself online. Each box sells for only $10.90, which is oddly specific. You need to also make sure you have both Elvira movies to watch next Saturday morning, which include 1988's Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, a true cult classic, and the lesser seen Elvira's Haunted Hills, from 2001, so you can scarf down this cereal in true fashion. These little black treats look pretty tasty. This arrives direct from Elvira's official Twitter

Elvira MIstress of the Dark Funkos cereal