If you're a fan of classic horror from the '80s, you're no doubt familiar with Elvira. Portrayed by actress Cassandra Peterson, the horror host quickly made a name for herself on the TV series Elvira's Movie Macabre, presenting a variety of spooky films for genre fans to enjoy. Her unique look and personality would make her one of pop culture's most memorable characters, and she remains very popular with horror fans to this day. Recognizing this, Peterson has the desire to bring back the beloved character once again for a New Elvira Movie, and she's already written a treatment!

Recently, Cassandra Peterson took part in a Q&A session at Salem Horror Fest, before the 30th anniversary screening of her 1988 film Elvira, Mistress of the Dark. The actress didn't reveal the full details on the story, but says she's written a full treatment and is currently in the process of shopping it around. Peterson explained that if the project gets picked up, it more than likely will be for a streaming service, and won't be shown in theaters. Either way, news of Elvira getting at least one more movie is very exciting for fans, and this will hopefully be something that comes to fruition.

As it is, aiming for the streaming networks is likely the best plan for Peterson. She mentions Netflix, Hulu, and Shudder as possibilities for Elvira's new home, and because of her pop culture appeal, it seems like any of these would be a good fit. Of course, there are plenty of other streaming services out there as well, with more entering the fray all of the time. It's certainly much easier to release a film digitally rather than in theaters, so with so many options, there's a good chance Peterson and the fans will actually see this happen.

The recent success of the return of Joe Bob Briggs on Shudder only sets the stage for something like this to happen. Also the host of a classic horror series, Briggs had returned for what was intended to be a last hurrah, presenting several films to fans in a 24-hour marathon. So many new subscribers wound up tuning in that the service crashed, and Shudder has subsequently ordered multiple new projects with Briggs for the network. Nostalgia is in, and considering the love fans have for Peterson, people will be just as quick to welcome back Elvira onto their television sets.

For now, you can still celebrate the character by eating officially licensed breakfast cereal in her likeness. Funko has recently released an Elvira Funko cereal, which comes with a mini Pop! Figure of the character. It's certainly a fun novelty, but people will likely be much more excited to see a new movie starring Peterson. Let's hope the film gets picked up quickly, so it can go into production sooner than later. The information above comes to us courtesy of Bloody Disgusting.