The new Netflix documentary series Tiger King has taken the world by storm since its release last month, and now Elvira is getting in on the phenomenon. Primarily, the series explores the bizarre feud between big cat owners Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin which ends with the former landing in prison for allegedly trying to have the latter killed. As dark as that sounds, the series has spawned countless memes and parodies with even many celebrities getting involved, opening the door for the Mistress of the Dark to give her own take on Tiger King.

Taking to Twitter, Elvira channels Baskin by wearing a flower crown similar to the one worn by the Big Cat Rescue CEO. "Hey, all you cool bats and spiders, this is Elvira from Big Bat Rescue," the horror hostess says in the video, adding she wants to "clear up some nasty rumors" about her husband, Don. "Don's totally fine, nothing happened to him, I didn't feed him to tigers for crying out loud," Elvira states while giggling. She then claims that Don's there and willing to say hello, but the camera then reveals Elvira is speaking to a skeleton. This is classic Elvira and highly entertaining, and you can watch the parody yourself below.

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If you've yet to see Tiger King, Elvira is particularly poking fun at the strange disappearance of Carol Baskin's husband, Don Lewis. While there's not enough evidence to officially charge Baskin with a crime, it's been widely speculated that the Big Cat Rescue CEO is responsible for Don vanishing, and even O.J. Simpson is convinced she killed her husband and fed his remains to her pet tigers. Investigators have since suggested the popularity of the Netflix series could lead to new leads in the case, but if we're being honest, chances are this one will always remain an unsolved mystery.

Tiger King and Carole Baskin continues to dominate pop culture, set to branch out from Netflix to introduce the crazy story to more audiences. Netflix added an extra episode of the series to serve as an after show, and TMZ recently delved further into Tiger King with a new special for the Fox network. Saturday Night Live star Kate McKinnon is also already working on a scripted series adaptation of Tiger King and will personally play Baskin, and many other celebrities have already volunteered to portray her rival Joe Exotic. Even Donald Trump has weighed in on the story, teasing that he'll "look into" potentially giving Exotic a presidential pardon.

If you're not following Elvira on her social media channels, you're certainly missing out. The Mistress of the Dark has been posting many videos recently, always entertaining as she channels the classic horror character. These kinds of videos go a long way towards bringing a small sense of joy to people during a particularly dark time in all of our lives, so bless Elvira for being there for the horror fans of the world. If only her "Big Bat Rescue" parody video were part of an ongoing series. The Tiger King parody shown above comes to us from TheRealElvira on Twitter.