It's been years in the making and even more years of rumors before that, but on Friday, September 13th Stern Pinball finally teased their new Elvira pinball game, Elvira's House of Horrors. There is talk that this new release will use a production model close to Stern's Batman '66 or The Beatles machine, which more limited than the typical Stern release.

The teaser isn't much, but if this video is teasing anything, it's that the new Elvira game is going to drenched in queen-of-Halloween-haunted-house themed fun.

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Cassandra Peterson announced the news 3 months ago that there would be a follow up to her immensely popular, dare I say, legendary pinball machines, Elvira and the Party Monsters (1989) and Scared Stiff (1996), both of which are top rated games in the eyes of collectors and players alike.

"AND... I couldn't be more excited to announce that, after a looooong wait, my latest pinball machine from Stern is FINALLY due out this October! If you thought Party Monsters and Scared Stiff were good, wait till you get a load'a this baby! Nothin' but pure blood-curdling FUN! Thanx for being a part of my Fang Club! Until next time, Unpleasant Dreemz... Your Cruelly, Elvira"

For pinball enthusiasts, Party Monsters and Scared Stiff game designers Dennis Nordman and Greg Freres are rumored to have been part of the design for the new Elvira's House of Horrors machine. If true, fans can expect to be very satisfied with this new Elvira machine and we could have another instant classic on our hands.