The Good

Emergency! is the kind of groundbreaking television that we need on DVD.

The Bad

No extras whatsoever.

Emergency!: Season Four chronicles the daily goings on of Los Angeles Paramedics who are faced with life and death decisions both in the field and in the emergency room of Rampart General Hospital. Starring in this show are Kevin Tighe as Roy DeSoto, Randolph Mantooth as John Gage and Julie London as Nurse Dixie McCall. We open this release with the episode "The Screenwriter," which sees an over ambitious scribe get in the way of LA's finest as they try and do their jobs. "Quicker Than the Eye" finds the medics in an odd situation when a pregnant woman is accidentally shot in her home. "Smoke Eater" sees a fire captain coming down on the paramedics but soon he finds his assumptions challenged. Lastly, "905-Wild" has the medics trying to save a goat who has inhaled too much smoke.

While it usually doesn't get as much press as other shows from the 1970s, Emergency!: Season Four shows us that just because it is unsung, doesn't necessarily mean that it should be ignored.


No extras came with this 5 disc DVD set.


Full Frame - 1.33:1. Alright, Universal could have done a much better job than they did with the DVD transfers of these shows. I am not saying that these things looked awful but it does seem that they could have looked better. There was a lot of dirt and hairs on the images and it really did this show a disservice. While I can appreciate Emergency's almost blown out look, I wish that the grime on the pictures hadn't been as magnified.


Language: English Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono. Subtitled in English. The sound on this release was also nothing to write home about. I had to turn things up well over halfway to make out what was going on. I will say that once I did this everything sounded fine, I was just put off by the fact that the picture and the audio were both so far below par.


The letters Emergency! are embossed on the front of this slipcase cover. The stars of this show are presented on this front cover with an image of a fire truck roaring past a fire. The back cover gives us some shots from this show, a description of what it's about and technical specs. The 5 discs that make up this set are housed in three slim cases, all of which have the same front cover as the slipcase that stores them. The back of the covers give us episode listings and descriptions.

Final Word

I am kicking myself because I was given the First Season of this show to review and I sadly gave it to a friend who asked for it. I say that because after going through Emergency!: Season Four I have come to appreciate just how good it is. While I wouldn't say that there is anything that amazing about this show, it is, if nothing else, quite interesting. Who knew that so much went on behind the scenes at a firehouse? I think sometimes we see an ambulance and we don't realize that there are people speeding around in those things. They are literally taking their lives into their own hands with every mission and the fact that they choose to do this is quite amazing. While there are many aspects to this show that are quite lighthearted, there is a strength and richness to Emergency! that makes it the kind of show that should be celebrated.

If you own all the other seasons of this show then having Emergency!: Season Four in your collection makes sense.

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