It seems that a new spin-off film has added another to its cast. Moviehole is reporting that Russell Brand revealed on an Australian morning radio show that Emily Blunt will be his co-star in Get Him to the Greek, a spin-off film dealing with his Forgetting Sarah Marshall character, Aldous Snow. Here's an excerpt from the site's report.

Brand, who says the spin-off came about because of his keenness to rename the first film "Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Remembering Russell Brand", told local radio that Emily Blunt will be his female co-star in the pic. She'll play a pop musician (who no doubt can't resist the charm of the long-haired lout) who "may duet" with Snow in the laffer. Should be a good coupling.

The film will also star Jonah Hill as a brand new character who must get Brand's Snow - now in a drug-fueled stupor - from London to Los Angeles for a show at the Greek Theater.

UPDATE: (3/27/09 11:45 AM PST)Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Emily Blunt will not be appearing in the film. Blunt's British publicist and a rep from Universal Studios, who are distributing the film, both say the news is false.