Dragonball Evolutionactress Emmy Rossum has her eyes set on not one but two possible comic book adaptations - both of which are adaptations from Neil Gaiman (Coraline). MTV spoke to Rossum who coyly suggested that she might be interested in working on Gaiman's films.

Rossum revealed that in the world of comics, she's a big fan of Gaiman's. "The mangas that I read are the Neil Gaiman stuff, like Black Orchid." Rossum said.

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Gaiman is currently bringing both Black Orchid and Death: The High Cost of Living to the big screen, something that Rossum is aware of. When asked if she had reached out to Gaiman, Rossum only said "No comment."

"No comment"? That sounds awfully similar to a "Yes, but I don't want to talk about it." When pressed, Rossum said "I think whenever you talk out loud about things one way or another you jinx things. I'm a big believing in jinxing." Rossum finished by saying, with an uneasy laugh, "I love Neil Gaiman. I think he's a genius. Let's leave it at that."

And what might the British author/producer/director think about Ms. Rossum? Well, when the interview was brought to his attention via http://www.twitter.com, Gaiman wrote:

@neilhimself: well @emmyrossum is awesome. She is funny, talented, & is the only person I have ever met who eats as fast as I do. Or faster.

That's not quite the same thing as saying "Yes, I want to cast her as Death and as the Black Orchid," but it certainly is an endorsement of the actress's ability.