The first full-length Emoji Movie trailer is here and it's real. Sony has made a movie about emojis starring the voice talents of T. J. Miller (Silicon Valley, Deadpool) as the "meh" face named Gene while Sir Patrick Stewart (X-men, Logan) is portraying the poop emoji. The premise of the movie is that each emoji is living and that they are only allowed to have their specified facial expression. Miller's character Gene is "unfiltered," but wants to be "normal" like the other emojis so he and some friends go on a cross-app adventure or "app-venture" (seriously?) to help Gene. Of course that's not all, while on the "app-venture" something dangerous happens and the fate of all emojis is in Gene's hands.

The story seems kind of familiar, almost like Wreck It Ralph that that toothache of a Trolls movie, but with emojis and probably not as good. While the idea and the premise seem pretty flimsy, the voice over cast is anything but. The Emoji movie also stars Steven Wright as Gene's dad, Maya Rudolph as Smiler, James Corden as Hi-5, and Ilana Glazer portrays Jailbreak, all considered to be various "normal" emojis. And let's not forget that Patrick Stewart is playing the Poop Emoji. The other thing that Sony has going for them is that everybody has a smartphone and knows about emojis. Let's hope for Sony's sake that this very relatable topic ends up making some late summer bank.

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Rumor has it that Sony will have T.J. Miller host an event outside of the Carlton hotel, right in the middle of Cannes. The event will be used to garner some extra attention for a movie about emojis and shake up the notoriously stuffy festival with some emoji wit. In all honesty, it would be a lot better to have Miller go as Erlich Bachman and share the new SeeFood app, Not Hot Dog from HBO's Silicon Valley and then casually mention that he also has an animated movie about emojis coming out later this summer.

The Emoji movie could be seen as a risk for Sony as they have not had a substantial hit in some time. There is no doubt that The Lego Movie helped open the door for this smartphone adaptation, but Legos have a legacy. Legos have been around for years and are a part of almost everyone's childhood experience and if they weren't, one probably remembers stepping on a Lego with bare feet at the very least. Emojis are relatively new to the collective conscious and this seems like a giant gamble.

The Emoji movie premiers on July 28th, 2017 and we'll have to wait and see if Sony's gamble pays off or goes the way of King Arthur. The late summer opening could be a good thing for the movie as most moviegoers will have already seen all of the blockbusters and might need a break from reality with a movie based on emojis. So come on kids, beg your parents to take you to see the Emoji movie instead of the beach or the park. Check out the trailer below courtesy of Sony Animation's YouTube.