Horror master George A. Romero is moving to the small screen, with Demarest picking up the rights to his 15-issue graphic novel Empire of the Dead for a new TV series adaptation. George A. Romero will co-write the TV series with his longtime collaborator Peter Grunwald, who will both executive produce with Demarest's Sam Englebardt and William D. Johnson. Here's a description of Empire of the Dead's first issue, which was published by Marvel in January 2014.

"Welcome to New York City years after the undead plague has erupted-but just because Manhattan has been quarantined, don't think that everyone inside is safe! Not only do flesh-eaters roam within Manhattan, but there's another ancient predator about to take a bite out of the Big Apple!"
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The graphic novel is a continuation of George A. Romero's classic zombie movie series, which started with the 1968 classic Night of the Living Dead. The "ancient predator" mentioned in the synopsis refers to a race of vampires whose conflict with the zombies traps the rest of humanity in the midst of a supernatural war. The graphic novel will consist of three five-issue "Acts," with the final issue of Act Three set to hit retailers this August.

Although he is best known for his work on the big screen, this isn't George A. Romero's first foray into the TV landscape. He previously served as a writer and producer on the 1980s TV series Tales from the Darkside. His last movie in the long-running Night of the Living Dead series was 2010's George A. Romero's Survival of the Dead.