Have you ever thought about how cool it might be to walk around the house in the jacket that Harrison Ford wore as Han Solo in The Empire Strikes Back? What Star Wars fan hasn't? Well, if you've got roughly $1 million burning a hole in your pocket, that dream can become a reality as the jacket is going up for auction next month along with a bunch of other classic Hollywood movie props that collectors would love to own.

The Han Solo jacket is the biggest item up for grabs at this Star Wars auction, which is being held by the Prop Store on September 20. It's expected to go from anywhere between $650,000 to $1,300,000. Needless to say, this isn't an item for your casual Star Wars fan to try and get their hands on. Academy Award-winning costume designer John Mollo designed the jacket in question. Here's what the folks at the Prop Store have to say about it.

"This exact Solo jacket was used for sequences on Cloud City and screen matches numerous shots in the film. Unique identifiers include the placement, sizing and fold lines of the pockets, as well as a specific internal stitch-line within the collar that is visible in a close-up shot of Ford. At least one other jacket was used for filming and the jackets can be differentiated by their pocket placement."

Even though the Star Wars fanbase is pretty divided right now, most people agree that The Empire Strikes Back is, if not at the top of the list of the best movies in the franchise, it's very close to the top. So it's hard not to get a little excited seeing something like this. The auction is also set to feature a Stormtrooper helmet from A New Hope, as far as big ticket items from a galaxy far, far away go.

If you're just a fan of Harrison Ford, there are a couple of pretty awesome Indiana Jones items up for grabs as well. The fedora Ford rocked in Raiders of the Lost Ark is going up for sale and is expected to fetch somewhere between $260,000 and $400,000. If there's a more iconic hat in cinema history, it would be tough to find.

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Some of the other interesting items going up next month in the massive auction include Marty McFly's hoverboard from Back to the Future II, Rose's letter to Cal from Titanic, a jacket Arnold Schwarzenegger wore in Terminator and the actual board game from the original Jumanji. You can check out images of the jacket, as well as some of the other items up for grabs, for yourself below. For more information on how to actually get in on the auction, or to see all of the items up for grabs, head on over to the Prop Store.

Han Solo Emire Strikes Back Jacket

Han Solo Emire Strikes Back Jacket #2

Ryan Scott