Finding production goofs is all the rage now, thanks to Game of Thrones and the infamous Starbucks cup. Now, Lucasfilm executive Pablo Hidalgo has found a new production error in 1980's The Empire Strikes Back that hasn't been noticed before. It's been nearly 40 years since the movie hit theaters, so it's pretty funny someone can still find a goof after all of these years from a movie Star Wars fans have watched countless times. It's even funnier when thinking about George Lucas going back to tinker with the original trilogy in the 1990s.

As far as prop goofs go, this one is definitely for the eagle-eyed fans and pretty much demands a theater to see the detail. With that being said, Pablo Hidalgo watched The Empire Strikes Back in a theater setting and was able to find something strange stamped into Luke Skywalker's Lightsaber. "New York" is stamped at the bottom of the weapon, which is noticeable now that Hidalgo has pointed it out. Star Wars fans were immediately intrigued by Hidalgo's findings and there might be some more on the way as the hunt continues. Hidalgo had this to say about his discovery.

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"I've noted this before, but every time I watch a Star Wars movie, there's something new to notice. Especially if I'm fortunate to catch it on the big screen. This latest discovery? That 'New York' is visible on the bottom of Luke's lightsaber in Empire."

Looking at the image Pablo Hidalgo shared, it's hard to find "New York" stamped in the Lightsaber. However, if you think of the base of the weapon as a clock, the words can be seen around the 11 and 12 o'clock areas. It's pretty faint in the low resolution image, but it is there and it will be pointed out for the rest of time, thanks to Hidalgo. While this is certainly less obvious than a Stormtrooper bumping his head in A New Hope, it's still a nice piece of trivia.

Though George Lucas mostly took care of Han Solo's jacket and shirt (some shots have him in a jacket and others in just a shirt) goof during the carbonite scene in The Empire Strikes Back, it's still noticeable in closeups. The movie also features a crewmember's arm in a quick shot of the Wampa's arms, but that one might even be a harder to find than New York etched into the bottom of a Lightsaber. There's even some continuity issues when Luke is hanging upside down in the Wampa's cave. Closeups show his legs close together, while the wider angles show them apart.

Production errors are fun to point out, but they might actually be headaches for the people who worked on these projects, even if it was over 40 years ago. Regardless, fans are going to continue to find the things George Lucas missed when he went back and cleaned up the original trilogy. You can check out the Lightsaber images below, thanks to Pablo Hidalgo's Twitter account.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick