Star Wars legend, Mark Hamill, famous for his reprising role over four decades as Luke Skywalker. With his latest entry being in The Mandalorians second season finale and his first being Star Wars; A New Hope. The actor has gone on to say that during his time on the first released sequel, Star Wars; The Empire Strikes Back, he was forbidden from hearing the infamous words uddered by Darth Vader.

That was the one line that shocked audiences around the globe (who experience the film for the first time). "No...I am your father." This line was made famous by voice actor James Earl Jones. Do you recall where you were when you first heard the harrowing words said over the speakers? Can you recall how old you might have been?

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After a fan asked Hamill about having to say his line "That's not true, it's impossible" from the 5th titled installment on his Twitter account, @HamillHimself, Mark had this to say; "It's crucial to warm up vocally prior to any demanding challenges. FYI-In that scene- NOTHING could be heard over the deafening roar of the wind-machines. I spoke my lines based on Vader's gestures, unable to hear a word he said. Everything was dubbed in later in post-production." To Hamill's credit, he had to respond with his facial cues and body reactions in response to how actor, David Prowse, had to gesture his bodies physical actions, like the shaking fist.

"Nothing could be heard over the deafening roar of the wind machines." During that one incredible scene. You can only imagine how great the young actor was, portraying his scene with nothing more than the physical cues of his fellow actor, Prowse. All the while the only sound he was able to hear during the scene was the noise of the wind machines.

David Prowse did a phenomenal job portraying the physical role to the villainous Darth Vader during his time working on the first trilogy that was released. Sadly, Prowse passed away November 28th, 2020, adding to the list of great Star Wars actors to pass away, like Carrie Fisher who portrayed Princess Leia, Peter William Mayhew, who wore the first Chewbacca costume. Along with Kenny Baker, known for his beloved role as R2D2 and even Christopher Lee, who played Count Dooku in the (prequel) second trilogy that was made.

Mark Hamill would also become more well-known for his voice in various animated projects during his time between Star Wars Episode 6 (1983, where he was 32 years old) and Star Wars Episode 7 (2015, where he was 64 years old). Most notably, Hamill went on to be famous for his voice acting skills on Batman: The Animated Series, portraying The Joker. The series' main antagonist. Another role he would reprise for the Batman, Arkham video games.

Mark Hamill was just 26 years old when he acted for George Lucas's first Star Wars film, Episode 4: A New Hope. He would be 29 years old when he performed his own stunts in 1980's Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back. And he was 32, by the time Star Wars Episode 6 was finished in 1983.