A Star Wars mystery has finally been solved after nearly 40 years. 1980's The Empire Strikes Back only features character Willrow Hood for a brief second as he runs past the camera during the Cloud City evacuation with what appears to be an ice cream maker in his arms. For years, fans have wondered what Hood is doing with an ice cream maker in Cloud City and he has become the cult character known for running around with the kitchen appliance. Now, the mysterious ice cream maker has been demystified.

Star Wars fans knew some kind of explanation of Willrow Hood's kitchen appliance was coming. The Mandalorian showrunner Jon Favreau posted a picture on social media back in October of last year, which showcased what many have believed to be an ice cream maker for all of these years. Favreau didn't offer any other details, but the device was shown again during this year's Star Wars Celebration in Chicago during The Mandalorian panel, but again, it was not explained and the footage has yet to be officially released online.

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Sources close to The Mandalorian have shed some light on the device, which is now called a Camtono. It's not an ice cream maker. Instead, Willrow Hood was evacuating Cloud City with a safe, which makes a lot more sense now. In The Mandalorian footage shown at Celebration, Werner Herzog's character "shows the titular bounty hunter a piece of beskar-an ancient, valuable, Mandalorian alloy-and tells him he'll give him a Camtono of it when he completes the mission." It's just a safe to hold precious material instead of making sweet treats for the citizens of Cloud City.

As for the word "Camtono," some may remember the word from a 2017 viral video of a baby who could not pronounce ice cream correctly. She kept saying "camtono," which is more than likely where this all ties The Empire Strikes Back Willrow Hood mystery together. Being able to play in the Star Wars universe allows some artistic license when playing with some cult favorite legends and this is a good one. As for Hood, he is a pretty deep cut, even for the most hardcore fans of the franchise, so this is all pretty amazing that Jon Favreau and crew are going this deep.

Some Star Wars fans may be more than a little upset to learn Willrow Hood was not running around Cloud City with his beloved ice cream maker. With that being said, a safe sure makes a lot more sense now and makes the cult character have more of an important mission. Instead of wondering what was in his arms, maybe fans can now try and figure out what was in the safe. Maybe it was a miniature ice cream maker? Gizmodo was the first to get to the bottom of The Empire Strikes Back mystery.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick