After more than a decade, it looks like Enchanted 2 is finally coming together. Disney has been working on this sequel, slowly but surely, for a very long time now and it was starting to feel like the kind of thing that may not ever actually happen. However, we have an encouraging update from the movie's director that makes it sound like Disney is getting serious about making Enchanted 2 happen.

Director Adam Shankman was recently at the TCA's promoting his YouTube Red series Step UP: High Water. He was at one point asked about Enchanted 2, which is officially titled Disenchanted. He revealed that the script is being turned in very soon and that the sequel is going to feature more songs than the original. Here's what he had to say about it.

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"We are handing in a script in a couple weeks that I'm super happy with. Then gotta get the music written.The fundamental story has changed a little bit, but not from the base story of it. It's about Giselle 10 years later going, 'What is happily ever after?' There's a lot more songs this time than there were in the original, at least in the planning phase right now."

While he admits they're still in the "planning phase," it sounds like Disenchanted is heading in the right direction. Writing the songs is key for any musical and that may take some time. Adam Shankman is no stranger to musicals, as he's directed the big screen adaptation of Hairspray and Tom Cruise's Rock of Ages previously.

Enchanted was originally released in 2007 and centers on Amy Adams, who plays a young maiden who is sent from her magical land to New York City by an evil queen. She plays a fish out of water who falls in love with Patrick Dempsey. The two appear to have their happily ever after ending, but as Adam Shankman reveals, and as the title of the sequel implies, it sounds like Adams' character Giselle is going to be in for a pretty rough reality check. Enchanted was a financial success, grossing $340 million worldwide on an $85 million budget. That represents a nice return and is likely why Disney still wants to do the sequel, even though it's been more than a decade since the first movie was released.

Disney has done very well with their live-action affairs as of late. They've mostly been remakes of classics, but Enchanted 2 feels like the kind of thing that Disney could do very well with, if the story is any good. Adam Shankman also revealed, via Slash Film, that the amount of animation in the sequel is "probably about the same amount" as in the original. Disenchanted doesn't have an official release date, but it was originally expected to arrive in 2018. Though, at this point, that seems totally unrealistic.