More than 22 years after the release of Encino Man, star Pauly Shore thinks the time is right for a sequel. During an interview with Variety, the comedic actor reveals that early plans are in the works for a follow-up, although the project doesn't seem to have a studio home at this time. Here's what Pauly Shore had to say, during the red carpet premiere of Top Five.

"Encino Man 2 -let's do it. My agent and I are talking about it. I think it would be fun. It was a cute movie."

The original Encino Man starred Pauly Shore and Sean Astin as two California teenagers who discover an ancient caveman (Brendan Fraser in his first leading role) in their backyard, and teach him how to acclimate to society. The film was received poorly by critics, but it still managed to earn $40.7 million during its theatrical run in 1992. Pauly Shore also revealed that original Encino Man screenwriter Shawn Schepps (You and I, Son in Law) has an idea for a follow-up, but the script hasn't been written yet.

What are your thoughts on a possible sequel? Do you think the time is right for Encino Man to rise from the ashes of the DVD bargain bin? Chime in with your thoughts below.