Warner Bros. is finalizing a deal for the screen rights to author Donald J. Sobol's Encyclopedia Brown children's book series. Roy Lee and Howard David Deutch are producing for the studio.

Donald J. Sobol wrote 28 Encyclopedia Brown books between 1963 and his death in 2012, each of which contained about 10 different mysteries that readers were encouraged to solve themselves, with the answers to these cases found in the back of each book. The stories centered on Leroy "Encyclopedia" Brown, the son of police chief who runs his own private detective agency out of the family garage, along with his "bodyguard" Sally Kimball.

No details were given as to how these stories will be adapted to the big screen, with Warner Bros. and the producers currently seeking writers for the project. No production schedule was given.

This isn't the first time Encyclopedia Brown has tried to make its way to the silver screen. Robert Luketic was attached to direct an adaptation in the early 2000s, with Ridley Scott later coming on board. Warner Bros. reportedly tried to put an adaptation together in the 1980s, starring Chevy Chase and Goldie Hawn. The books were previously adapted for the short-lived Encyclopedia Brown TV series in 1989.