The Good

This movie tells a very interesting tale of forgiveness.

The Bad

No special features that go deeper into this amazing story.

End of the Spear tells a story of amazing forgiveness, while not being overly preachy about it's stirring message. Five missionaries are killed by members of the Waodani tribe in Ecuador. This film looks as not only how the families of the slain missionaries are effected, but the effect this has on the tribespeople. The families take it upon themselves to remain in Ecuador and to continue to live among them. Nate Saint, one of the missionaries who was killed, has left his young son Steve to grow up without a father. His journey soon becomes one of finding out the secret behind his death which brings him in direct confrontation with the people responsible.

Sadly, End of the Spear was a low budget film that didn't seem to have the juice to succeed in the marketplace. The film is quite well done and solidly put together, but without marketing support it seemed to play briefly and then find it's way on to home video. Thankfully people can now find out about this movie and the interesting story it tells.


No extras came with this DVD.


This movie can be watched in both Full Screen - 1.33:1 or Anamorphic Widescreen - 2.35:1. There is a lush steady quality to this film that pervades every frame of it. The feeling I got while watching it was one of really being inside the jungle. The DVD compression is extremely sharp and nothing about it seems like it has had a negative effect on the images we are seeing. In fact, it's sort of sad that a movie that looks this good could be so overlooked when it played theatrically.


Dolby Digital. Embera/English 5.1 Dolby Surround. Close Captioned. Subtitled in English, Spanish and French. The audio in this movie has the same measured pace as the film. There is an ominousness to it that gives this film a certain sense of foreboding. Regardless of if you know the story, no matter how good things get, there is an uneasiness. It isn't so much done with audio, as it's done with the natural sounds of the character's surroundings.


Most of the main characters from this film are featured on this sparse front cover which utilizes a lot of black tones for an uplifting film. The back layout makes good use of about 5 images from the film, and that alone should be enough to peak renters or buyer's interest. There is also a description of what End of the Spear is about, a credits list and technical specs. Sadly, the marketing of this film doesn't make it look like anything special.

Final Word

In my opinion this movie doesn't show what is great about Christianity. It shows what is great about the human spirit and it's ability to get passed things that seem insurmountable. In life we are all going to encounter tragedy. No matter what we do, no matter how closed off we try and be so that we have no pain, there are things in life that are unavoidable and this is one of them. End of the Spear shows us how belief in oneself and faith in those beliefs go hand in hand. Whether you get that support system from religion, your own personal philosophy, or whatever, this film attests to the power of belief but it doesn't do it in a way that it's proselytizing.

End of the Spear is certainly worth watching and discussing when it's done.

End of the Spear was released October 24, 2005.