Producer Roberto Orci recently answered questions from fans via the Ender's Game production blog. Take a look at what he had to say about the militaristic environment of this sci-fi adaptation.

We had a great visit with some online press who visited the set, and they got to talk to our actors. Without giving too much away, they told great stories of not only going to Space Camp, but also having to undergo a form of boot camp with a no nonsense instructor who taught them how to march properly in unison and much more. And when they screwed up they were ordered to do push ups! They got in shape trust me. It's painful for my self image to see so many young kids with six pack abs. Maybe I should go to boot camp next."

He also answered a question about how the Orson Scott Card book was adapted to work with the ages of the actors.

"Time has been compressed impressionistically. Though we don't specify how much time has passed, leaving it somewhat up to your imagination, it is clear that the time span is not as long as the books."