DC Comics has announced that the mysterious Endless Winter will follow the Dark Nights: Death Metal series this summer. [email protected] has received quite a few surprises thus far, but this one is puzzling for a lot of people because nobody knows what it is. So far, all we know is that it will come out in December and there will be a lot of ice. That's literally everything that is currently known about this specific release, which makes it rather intriguing to comic book collectors.

Since this dropped at [email protected], there is speculation that this is just the main teaser for Endless Winter, with the big reveal coming down at the DC Fandome event next month. This certainly makes sense, but it still has a lot of people guessing. Plus, it has not been officially confirmed that more information will be available at DC Fandome. It's also not clear if this will have any connection to Dark Nights: Death Metal, but it very well could. With that being said, the graphic makes it look pretty dark and ominous.

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Dark Nights: Death Metal is currently reshaping the DC Universe. The series is by writer Scott Snyder, along with artist Greg Capullo, and it is a sequel to the Dark Nights: Metal series. The story sees Perpetua and the Batman Who Laughs as they twist the universe for their own nefarious machinations. One could easily see Endless Winter taking up where Death Metal leaves off, though it is far too early to tell when it comes to how the storyline will end up wrapping up.

There could be a less mysterious explanation for the Endless Winter announcement. As it turns out, there is a DC character who goes by that name. This character goes all the way to the 1940s Action Comics #20, though there was a more recent run-in with Justice League. The character's real name is Delores Winters and she has moisture and temperature manipulation powers, which allows her to manipulate ice and cold for her attacks. Winters was originally an actress who was kidnapped by the villainous Ultra-Humanite, who had his brain transplanted into Winter's body. The character was created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster.

While there are a lot of ideas going around, Endless Winter could very well be a new way to reintroduce Delores Winter to a new audience with an upcoming comic series. December is also the perfect time to bring in the cold, so we'll just have to wait and see what DC Comics has cooking up for this winter. Regardless, comic book fans are more than likely already pretty excited to see what this event will be, so hopefully we get more than a cryptic title and release date when DC Fandome premieres next month. The Hollywood Reporter was the first to announce the mysterious Endless Winter.

Endless Winter
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