With Warner Bros.' upcoming Entourage movie arriving in theaters June 5, series creator and director Doug Ellin has teamed with the studio and Cadillac to create a new short film that bridges the gap between the Entourage TV show and the movie. When we last saw Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven) he had retired from Hollywood and moved to Italy with his wife (Perrey Reeves). This four-minute short shows how short-lived Ari's retirement really was, and how he found his way back to Hollywood, with the help of a concept car known as the Cadillac Ciel, which is prominently featured in the short and the new movie. Here's what Doug Ellin had to say about the short, which he originally wanted to put in the Entourage movie.

"He's in what seems to be the most romantic place on earth with his wife but clearly communicates it's not where he's supposed to be or wants to be. I thought people would want to know what Ari has been doing since the show ended, so it was a perfect opportunity to do that and make a separate short film."
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Doug Ellin added that the Cadillac Ciel actually inspired him to write the Entourage script, after he was shown the concept car four years ago, which he thought was a modern version of the 1965 Lincoln Continental convertible shown in the Entourage TV show's opening credits. Here's what Doug Ellin had to say about the Cadillac Ciel.

"It was a modern version of it--I love the suicide doors. It's a very cool car. The car has a big plot point."

In the Entourage movie, Ari Gold comes back from Italy with the Cadillac Ciel, which he uses to try and get Vinny Chase (Adrian Grenier) back on his radar. There is only one Cadillac Ciel currently in existence, and while Cadillac currently doesn't have any plans to put this car into production, Doug Ellin hopes the car's presence in the movie will convince them to do so.

"It doesn't drive past 30 miles an hour, so we had challenges to make it look real. Everyone who's seen the movie so far is like, 'what is that car? I gotta have that car!' So I'm still hoping [Cadillac] will make it."

Check out the Entourage short film with Jeremy Piven and Perrey Reeves below, and stay tuned for more on this big screen adaptation before it hits theaters June 5. Do you think Cadillac should put the Ciel into production? Chime in with your thoughts below.