Entourage writer and producer Rob Weiss will co-write and direct the long gestating Hell's Angels movie formerly attached to director Tony Scott, who passed away in August of 2012.

The film will center on legendary member Sonny Barger, who founded the Oakland chapter of the notorious motorcycle gang in 1957, at the age of 18 years old. He became a key figure in the gang's rise as an international organization.

Jeffrey Santos will co-write the historical biopic, which will draw on the controversial life of Sonny Barger, beginning with the formation of the Hell's Angels itself.

Rob Weiss had this to say about the movie,

"We're approaching this as a genesis story of the motorcycle club culture. I've wanted to do something in the biker space for a long time. [It's] a period piece that explores the early days of the club, the philosophy of the formidable, most loyal brotherhood that started it and what drove Sonny, who had the leadership and the vision to expand the club. And he did so amid almost insurmountable obstacles like rival clubs and law enforcement."

The film will span the time period between the 1950s and the 1970s, with inspiration being drawn from the books that Sonny Barger wrote himself. Says /person/rob-weiss/Weiss,

"His life is a metaphor for the wild ride that is set against a very shifting America."

One of the key scenes in the movie will include the Altmont concert in California, where the Angels served as a barrier between the stage and the crowd, to ensure no one was injured during The Rolling Stones show. With their payment being in beer, they weren't too careful, eliciting brawls with various members of the concert crowd. A pregnant lady suffered a skull fracture, and another young man died. The scene became total chaos, and the motorcycle club's reputation changed for the worst.

Tony Scott's name will be kept on the film as a producer. He originally envisioned the movie as a Donnie Brasco type thriller that featured a cop's attempts to infiltrate the club.

Fox 2000 bought the rights to Sonny Barger's memoirs over 10 years ago. Rob Weiss is changing the project to focus more on the club itself. The new director explains his inspiration,

"They were incredibly influential and powerful. They were a huge part of the 1960s California counter-culture. From what wore to the way they chopped their bikes, which changed the design of motorcycles forever as Harley-Davidson would later adopt their styles."
B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange