ENVY: Shooting has begun on this Barry Levinson film in and around Los Angeles. Word from the set is that Levinson shoots so fast that the crew have occasionally gone home by lunch time! The cast, which includes Ben Stiller, Jack Black, Rachel Weisz, Christopher Walken and Ving Rhames, are reportedly being spoiled by the hours. The project, a departure for Levinson who is tackling Farrelly-esque material, is gathering a steady stream of word from those who've seen some of the scenes... and that word is: Stiller and Black are a great screen team.

Italian Job: The F. Gary Gray film is set to take over the streets of downtown L.A. with some of the most spectacular car chase scenes ever put on celluloid. The film, which features the new Mini Cooper's, will have the cars driving across roof-tops and through the L.A. subway system. Should be good stuff.

Cat In The Hat: The Imagine Entertainment project is pushing forward despite the loss of Oscar winning make-up artist Rick Baker. As reported here earlier, Mike Myers and Baker had a disagreement as to the design of the costume, so Baker walked. No word yet on who has gotten the contract.

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