We haven't heard anything about The Equalizer 2 since last June, when Sony Pictures set a September 29, 2017 release date for this action sequel, which will also be the first ever sequel in Denzel Washington's legendary career. Today we have confirmation that The Equalizer director Antoine Fuqua will also be back to direct, but the release date will most certainly have to be changed. According to producer Todd Black, filming isn't expected to begin until September 2017.

Todd Black, who also produced this weekend's Denzel Washington/Antoine Fuqua remake The Magnificent Seven, spoke with Collider, revealing that the script for The Equalizer 2 has been completed by The Equalizer writer Richard Wenk. When asked if Antoine Fuqua would be back, the producer joked, "Yeah! He better!" before confirming shooting details, revealing that the producer will be working with Denzel Washington on another project before The Equalizer 2. Here's what he had to say below, teasing a new villain for the sequel.

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"The script is done. We start shooting right after Labor Day, maybe right before Labor Day depending on Denzel's schedule. So Equalizer 2 will start shooting in September of next year, maybe earlier depending on another movie that we're shooting with Denzel before that. We're going to do a little bit more work and we're going to go into casting right after that for his nemesis."

This sequel will mark the fourth collaboration between Denzel Washington and Antoine Fuqua, following Training Day, which Denzel Washignton won an Oscar for, The Equalizer and this weekend's The Magnificent Seven. Todd Black also shared a story about how he convinced Denzel Washington to make The Equalizer his first franchise, something he has always wanted. Here's what the producer had to say below.

"It helps when you know him really well and you tell him at a nice expensive lunch that this could be his franchise. He's always wanted to do a franchise, and he liked the Bourne movies, the earlier ones. I've had a friendship with him for 27 years and we've talked about him doing a franchise character, so when my partners and I got the rights to Equalizer, we were like, "Let's get Denzel to finally do one. This could be the one." It was never made as a movie and a lot of people didn't know it was a TV show ... but you've probably heard the title. He liked the title and I said to him, 'Let us write it for you and if you like the script, great; if you don't, we'll go get another actor.' So he signed up for that and it worked."

The producer also revealed that this follow-up may have a sequence that is filmed in the IMAX format. Unfortunately, he wouldn't offer too many details, but he added how the director shied away from using IMAX on The Magnificent Seven, but they are considering using it on The Equalizer 2. Here's what he had to say below.

"We talked a lot about the IMAX format for [The Magnificent Seven]. It's expensive. Antoine wasn't quite comfortable with that, nor were the studios. We did talk about it a lot. We continue to talk about it for Equalizer 2. He has a whole thing that he's planning on Equalizer 2 with this new effect that he's doing, which I can't talk about, but it's frickin' so cool you won't believe it."

The Equalizer pulled in $101.5 million domestically and $192.3 million worldwide, from a $55 million budget. It isn't known if Chloe Moretz or any other stars from The Equalizer are planning on returning at this time. With just under one full year until the sequel starts shooting, there is plenty of time to get a cast assembled, so hopefully we'll have more details regarding The Equalizer 2 soon.