Former black ops agent McCall delivers a pair of broken and bloodied sunglasses to a Russian mob member, threatening his boss as the search for a missing Russian prostitute continues in the first of three clips from the upcoming action thriller The Equalizer. Denzel Washington stars as a trained killer in hiding who is forced out of retirement to help a young girl on the streets. Here, we also see McCall's kinder side as he helps a friend clean-up fire damage which may have been caused by the gangsters he is hunting. The third and final clip introduces Chloe Moretz as Teri, a beat-up prostitute looking for solace, which she finds in a very understanding McCall. Check out this buffet of footage before The Equalizer hits theaters later this September.

Robert McCall is a solitary, ex-special ops, monastic figure who despises injustice and devotes himself to helping victims of criminals. Working at a small home improvement store by day (Home Mart), in his off-time at a local diner, he befriends a girl, Teri, who is nearly killed by gangsters. After an initial battle, he learns they are members of the Russian mob, leading him to wage a one-man war against them and their partners in crime.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange