The Next James Bond: Despite his own statements to the contrary, it now appears that Australian Troy headliner Eric Bana actually has been approached by EON Productions in an effort to persuade him to take on the role of 007, but has yet to make a final decision on whether or not to accept the coveted role, according to published reports.

The Hulk star recently all but took a hammer to the rampant speculation that he was the company's first choice to replace Pierce Brosnan in the legendary franchise, insisting he had never been approached by EON or producer Barbara Broccoli. But, an insider has told London's Evening Standard that Bana is trying to decide if taking up the mantle of the world's most famous super-spy will do in his burgeoning career, or enhance it.

The source has said, "Eric has been offered the part of James Bond but is currently deciding whether it's something he really wants to sign up to."

According to the Bond insider, both fellow Aussie Hugh Jackman and British King Arthur star Clive Owen and are in line for the part should Bana turn it down.