Ever since she first appeared as Lois Lane on Smallville, Erica Durance has been a source of fanboy attention. She recently sat down with Buddy TV and talked about the experience of being cast on the show, as well as some of her favorite episodes.

Durance describes getting the role of Lois as "a little bit of a lottery," and explains that her manager worked to get her an audition once rumors of the character being introduced to Smallville were released. Durance says "I really didn't think much about it, because at this point I was not very enamored with the industry and the way things went, and I said okay, well I'll go in. I was a little bit begrudging about it because by that time I was ready for a break. True to form, that ended up being the one that I got."

Of course, taking the role of a character as well-known and well-loved as Lois Lane is a massive challenge. How do you not fall into the trap of imitating one of the iconic actresses to play the character in the past? Durance explains that she gets some leeway due to the character being a younger version than is commonly seen. " In Smallville we had a little bit of extra leeway because we were just trying to play Lois younger, so I was able to make mistakes as Lois would make mistakes, just kind of finding her way in Smallville and finding out who she is. In the past few years we've kind of been introduced to Lois, her quirkiness, and the repartee she has with Clark, which is really fun. Then slowly, as the seasons have gone by, she's starting to find out that she really likes this journalism thing. She's getting to go out and do more and more, which of course I'm enjoying."

Asked to describe her favorite episodes, Durance said the following:

Each year kind of has a little highlight for me. What I love about Lois is that she's always doing something different, so in one I'll really be investigating like crazy, and in the other one I'll be fighting someone. I really like "Arrow" in the sense that I was always having to fight, and they were drowning me, even though I'm scared of that kind of thing. I'm kind of one of those people that likes to try to face up to some of those things that freak me out, and water freaks me out. I also liked...gosh, you do so many that you forget the exact names. The funny thing is that you'll play this on your website and the diehard fans will be like "it was that episode!" It was "Combat" which I quite enjoyed, and that was where I was fighting that girl in the cage, and I had to fight Clark. This year I've had a couple of good ones. I just finished one where I was being emotionally held hostage by one of the bad guys of the week, so I really had to be the reporter. As long as I'm keeping in there and it's busy and intense, I usually like it.

Durance also talks about the experience of being on the set of Smallville, and describes Michael Rosenbaum (who plays an extremely intense Lex Luthor on the show) as "a bit of a practical joker."

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