Erica N. Tazel plays the important key role of U.S. Marshal Rachel Brooks on FX's hit series Justified, and as things heat up in Harlan County here in Season 3, things are getting more interesting and intense for Raylan Givens' (Timothy Olyphant) partner in crime. Due to the color of her skin, Rachel has been tasked with trailing new villain Ellstin Limehouse, a duty instilled in last week's episode The Devil You Know. This week, Rachel finds herself getting into deeper waters with Limehouse as Raylan goes after a team of vicious organ harvesters literally set on tearing poor Dewey Crowe (Damon Herriman) into a million sellable pieces.

We recently caught up with Erica N. Tazel to chat with her about Thick as Mud, which airs this Tuesday night, February 14th, on FX. This particular episode is noteworthy, because it pulls in some of the best material from Elmore Leonard's recently released novel Raylan.

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