Warren Ellis' graphic novel Red is under development with Summit Entertainment, where the comic about an ex CIA agent who gets dragged back into action will be adapted into a live-action film. Erik Feig, president o Summit Entertainment, recently spoke to Newsarama about how the process of adapting the comic to film came about.

Feig says that the comic came to his attention after it was presented to him by DC Comics as a fully formed potential film, although he was already familia with Ellis' writing. "In general, it's raw and has a great, unfiltered sensibility. And there's no one running around in tights." Feig says of Ellis as a writer. "His vision of the world is edgier than most you'll find without being dark for dark's sake. I've also thought that there's always a great sense of wit to his work as well."

While the film was presented as a fully developed script idea, he does explain that they still need a script adapted from the comic. "We didn't have to do the hard work of finding the perfect writers and beat the story out of the source material, though. That hard work was done by Lorenzo and Mark and Greg - and I'm really grateful for it. The Hoebers [Erich and Jon] are perfect writers for it."

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