Sy Fy Portal recently conducted a small interview with screenwriter Erik Jendresen who has been commissioned by Paramount Pictures to develop the 11th Star Trek film, a reinvention of the franchise. In the interview Jendresen addressed many details he's tackling in the new script...

I can certainly say that the story concept, the basic idea of this thing, is pretty damn big," Jendresen recently told SyFy Portal's Michael Hinman. "It's a noble enterprise, pun intended."

Jendresen -- probably best known for his Emmy-award winning work as a producer and lead writer for HBO's "Band of Brothers" -- said he wasn't too interested in stepping into science-fiction. And when Paramount officials first came to him about doing Star Trek, his answer was an immediate no.

"I was not a diehard Star Trek fan," he said. "When they first approached me, I wasn't really interested. But they said, 'What if we could approach this as a blank slate, and here's a notion.' When I heard the notion, I realized that the people I was talking to were serious, and genuinely dedicated. I started to really think about it, and, ultimately to develop a story. And it's a pretty good one."

Reports of the next movie have it taking place after the events of "Star Trek: Enterprise" and before the adventures of James Kirk in the original "Star Trek" series. Jendresen confirmed that the movie would take place more than a century before Kirk, but acknowledged that it would not be an "Enterprise" spinoff.

Although he had only some passing knowledge of Star Trek in the past, Jendresen said he really started to look into the heart of Roddenberry's vision to find the lost path of telling good science-fiction.

"I read an interesting piece online about the relevance of Star Trek," Jendresen said. "It posed the idea that maybe it's not relevant anymore. It was an impressive argument, but a fine story is always relevant, and I think solid storytelling that's rooted in the absolute spirit of the original series is what it was all about to begin with."

The original series you say?

"In the original series, there were big ideas, and they were delivered each week with a lot of verve," Jendresen said. "The crew in particular, lead by a commanding officer who had a certain sense of timeless style, boldness and vision. He had a pioneering spirit, the spirit of all great explorers, that was captured by the original series."

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