According to, Spike Lee's former Director of Photography Ernest K. Dickerson will direct a sequel to Bram Stroker's Dracula. Entitled The Un-Dead, this follow-up comes some fifteen years after Francis Ford Coppola's original film.

Javier Bardem is rumored to be playing Dracula, replacing Gary Oldman in the title role. Other cast members believed to be starring in the film are Monica Bellucci as Lucy and John Hurt as Professor Van Helsing. There is no mention as to whether Keanu Reeves will be reprising his role as Jonathan Harker, but we seriously doubt it since many believe he was the reason the first film failed to resonate with critics.

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The title The Un-Dead comes from the subtitle of Stoker's original Dracula novel. The script, written by Ian Holt, picks up with our heroes some 25 years after the events that took place in Coppola's film. Both Jonathan and Mina Harker will return, as will Professor Van Helsing and Inspector Cotford. The later is a character that had been excised from the original manuscript. All four will have a major face-off with the pointy-toothed Count.

Apparently, the Stoker family has officially recognized Ian Holt's screenplay. This is the first adaptation of Dracula to receive such an honor since Bela Lugosi donned the cape in 1931.

It was reported awhile back by Variety that Jan De Bont would be producing the picture through his own Blue Tulip Productions banner, along with Atchity Entertainment. According to them, the script has been kicking around for awhile.

The movie is rumored to be shooting in Romania and England. A start date has yet to be announced.